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ReadyCleat® is a portable instant cleat that fits a Rod Holder

Why ReadyCleat®

ReadyCleat®  is a new concept in design combining a standard tie cleat with a fishing rod style base. This concept allows the use of a fender cleat in any rod holder offering the prime position for fender attachment prior to docking.

How it is Made

ReadyCleat®  is manufactured using a high impact Polycarbonate/ABS Alloy (PC/ABS)

What ReadyCleat® Does for You


ReadyCleat® is designed to absorb lateral stress with minimal force applied to the rod holder and the rod holder locking pin. The (PC/ABS) compound gives ReadyCleat® strength and flexibility.

Readycleat quick and easy

Locks into your Rod Holder

ReadyCleat® is a portable instant cleat that is used as an insert to the rod holder, when a fender is required for docking and no permanent cleat is available along the beam in the cockpit of a boat. ReadyCleat® is inserted into any standard size rod holder, up to 9.5 " in depth, providing an instant fender cleat ready for action. Made from: high-impact lexan GF, (Fiberglass added), to withstand the harsh marine environment, and a one-piece construction with no breakable parts.

Protect your hull where you need it most

An instant "Cleat" for a fender where you need it!

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